News / 28. November 2015

Zerator Cup #3 approaches!

Winter is coming and with it the third edition of the Zerator Cup, a singleplayer-tournament with a total pricepool of 1000$, divided amongst the four best players (500$, 250$, 125$, 125$). As a free-for-all-event, the cup is open for everyone that would like to participate. Of course the Planetkey Dynamics will take this chance too: Presumably ExtremeJoDookyZackScrapie und Flyer will try their luck in this tournament. Considering the latest results of our team, they’ll surely belong to the favorites of the event. In the last cup Scrapie already managed to reach the second place!

Like in the past editions of the ZeratoR Cup, all maps are designed by the host himself. Thus the players will again be facing some very extraordinary courses, like for instance a very long and mazy map where the drivers will have to figure out the best path by themselves. On his Youtube-channel you can check out all his new creations for the upcoming cup.

We all look forward to this special event, which not only features a big price-pool, but also promises to be lots of fun for viewers and drivers alike! All information concerning the event can also be found on it’s official homepage.