News / 9. April 2017

We welcome our new H1Z1 team!

It’s a big foot step for the Dynamics to explore the game H1Z1, but the game is increasing very fast and we take the chance to sign up this great german team. These guys are not unknown in the H1Z1 King of the Kill scene, because most of them just played at the first H1Z1 tournamentserver „RevengeEU“. The mix of young and talented player ist perfect to reach the highest rank and the upcoming tournaments in H1Z1 KOTK. 

If you want to see these guys in action, you really need to check their Twitch-Streams! Nearly everyday they are streaming the game for you and teach you how to survive and become the last survivor of H1Z1. We are looking foreward into a great future with this team and will support them as good as possible.


Stefan Offermanns, Projectmanager:

„It’s great to see this game growing and growing, the perfect time to sign this motivated and professional team. The team around Mark „NANNju“ H. is very friendly and we are looking into a great future with big tournaments. “


Mark „NANNju“ H., Team-Captian:

„We joined Planetkey Dynamics to get better and to improve our skills. This is an amazing opportunity for my team and me. We’re very proud of our team and our dynamic style of play. We have a  lot of plans to become one of the best european teams in H1Z1: Kotk.“          

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