News / 11. Dezember 2018

TrackMania Stars Competition Premiership 20

An article written by Eirik Holdal

There was a time when Planetkey Dynamics was a safe bet for a grand final in team tournaments in TrackMania. Now it’s been a while since Planetkey Dynamics claimed their last team title in TrackMania back in 2016. Some major players has stopped playing the game or left the squad. However, now a new team is on the horizon, and is looking to claim a new title at a major team tournament.

The road to the semi final
Starting the Competition Premiership with being placed in a group where they would face teams like Gamers Origin, TrackMania Heros Europe, Runtime, Les 5 Moustiquaires and insects. Beforehand it was predicted that’s was gonna be a close battle between four teams for the two advancing spots, Planetkey Dynamics being one of them.

The first match started good for the PkD guys, winning 5-1 against Les 5 Moustiquaires. After that it was a couple of tough matches against Gamers Origin and Runtime, with one defeat and one draw. This left the squad in a position where only two victories in the last two matches where good enough for the German organization. Surely enough, when needed the most, Planetkey Dynamics stepped up with impressive performances against insects and TrackMania Heros Europe, only losing one sub-match. This left the Planetkey Dynamics at 2nd place in the group three points behind Runtime, and one point ahead of Gamers Origin and TrackMania Heroes Europe.

PkD 5-1 Les 5 Moustiquaires
PkD 1-5 Gamers Origin
PkD 3-3 Runtime
PkD 6-0 insects
PkD 5-1 TrackMania Heros Europe

Semi final
We’re left with four teams who could end up as the TrackMania Stars Competitions Premiership 20. Since Planetkey Dynamics placed second in their group, they’ll go up against the winner from the other group, Elementaries. A team that went through the group stages undefeated, and only having one draw against MnM Gaming. However playoff matches lives their own life, and anything can happen. Going undefeated through group stages, then knocked out in the first playoff match. On paper this is an appealing match up, and both teams can advance into the final.  

The person who has led Planetkey Dynamics to the semi final is Mathieu ‘’link’’ Oudeville. How does he feels about the group stage that is left behind him, and the matchup that is ahead of him and his team.

Statement from team leader Mathieu ‘’link’’ Oudeville:
„We are very happy about our results in the groupstage, going with 3 wins against ubiteam, insects and THE, a draw after a very close match against Runtime, the favorite of the group, and a counter performance loss against GO. These playoffs secure us a top 4 result in this CPS, which is really nice for us. I’m proud of leading my team to this stage of the tournament, and we obviously want to win the whole thing now, who wouldn’t ? We are able to do it, and we’ll try our best to achieve it ! However, we have to make it through team Element at first, thing that won’t be easy. I think both teams have the same potential and it’s gonna be a great battle. May the best team access the grand final, good luck to them!“

The last year in TrackMania there has been a shift in teams placing at the top. Names like Team expert and E-corp Gaming are not to been seen anymore. This opens up for other teams to claim the place at the top, and the right to call themselves the best team in TrackMania. Now Planetkey Dynamics is one of those contenders, and it’s yet to see if they’re able to use this opportunity.

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