PkD goes CS:GO Female!

POSTED BY Drake 22.02.2016 in News
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After a long time without CS:GO Female Team, it’s a pleasure for us to cooperate with these girls. This team is a mix with very experienced and new players, which is a perfect combination for being successful in upcoming events. For now, they are practicing for the Copenhagen Games. This big tournament takes place the march 23rd 2016 and the prize pool is with 7.000€ very attractive for them! Our girls are very hungry to reach the first place and to get the 3,600€!


Statement Stefanie Offermanns – CEO

„This is a very good day for Planetkey Dynamics, because we can welcome five good players! We are looking into a great future and wish the best at Copenhagen Games“


Statement Trang „EDEN“ Nguyen:

„We are extremely happy to be joining such a well established organization among the CS:GO community and we’re extremely grateful for the opportunity they are giving us. We have been playing for a couple of weeks together and they’re already giving us the trust they would give any solid team and we do appreciate this to the highest point.

Joining PkD means that we can finally focus on achieving our goals with the best backup we could have hoped for. PkD represents for us the perfect mix of professionalism, which caracterizes the organization as well as our team, coupled to the „human“ touch.

I, EDEN, was lucky enough to already meet the whole management and I can’t wait for the girls to also meet them because they really make you feel at home!

Our goals are to improve and reach the top tier placement at the upcoming Copenhagen Games but also to make a statement in the longer term and that is to establish ourselves as a top CS:GO Female team.

So keep your eyes peeled for us!“


We are looking into a great future with this fantastic team around Julie “Juliebabz” Kokholm and hope for the 1st place at Copenhagen Games!