News / 21. Oktober 2015

Overwatch awaits!

The closed beta for Overwatch will start at the 27th oct. 2015! We are pretty excited for the game since Blizzard announced it a year ago. For those of you, who dont know what we are talking about: Overwatch is the first FPS from Blizzard Entertainment. Also it will take part in the world of E-Sports.


Since we have seen some material from the Blizzcon this year, we could see that there will be a 6 on 6 gamemode for Overwatch. There will be different heroes in the game as well. Everybody will have different abilities and weapons. But what can we expect when it comes to tournaments and professional gaming?


The Planetkey Dynamics are already preparing for the new shooter. Our Dreamteam around Dirty Bomb will take care of the battleground of Overwatch. The team already won 12 out of 14 Dirty Bomb-tournaments, especially the „Dirty Cup“. This will be the line-up for the Overwatchteam.


Jiri „Linkzr“ Masalin
Rasmus „Draceus“ Waern
Artur „art1er“ Bischof
Martin „outc1der“ J
Tommy „Tom“ Guder
Christoffer „luxxiz“ Losell


Our Newcomer „luxxiz“ does have a very exciting past with various games like Unreal Tournament and Shootmania. He recently played for and TCM-Gaming. We hope, that he will keep up with his current performence for his debut in Overwatch.


Statement from Martin „Outc1der“ J.:

We are happy to once again represent Planetkey-Dynamics in Overwatch, we feel confident with their support and our already known Dirty Bomb lineup plus our newest addition luxxiz to reach our high goals. We are really looking forward to play and compete in this new and promising FPS Title and hope for a long and sucessfull partnership with Planetkey.