News / 21. Dezember 2018

Grand Final here we come!

An article written by Eirik Holdal

For a while it looked like 2018 was gonna end up being a year where doubters of Planetkey Dynamics could add some fuel to the fire, and state that Planetkey Dynamics’ golden days were over. The squad were able to prove people wrong, and reach another grand final. Will the squad after over two years without a title win finally claim a new one?

Road to the Grand Final
Winning three matches, one draw and one loss in the group stage, Planetkey Dynamics barely made it through the group stages, and placed 2nd with only one point gap down to number 3 and 4. In the semi final they faced Elementaries, who went undefeated through their group. Sadly there ain’t no betting lines in TrackMania, but if there was, you could assume that Planetkey Dynamics went in as the underdog. However, key players such as MiQuatro, Renew and link stepped up, and Planetkey Dynamics won the semi final 5-1.

Sleeping giant?
If you’ve followed Planetkey Dynamics since they entered TrackMania, you know that the team has won titles. Stefan ‘’Flow’’ Kassing led Planetkey Dynamics to many strong results in the years of 2015 and 2016. Then the day were ‘’Flow’’ left the squad came, and a new leader had to take the spot. Since that day the squad has been without a title in team tournaments. Now Mathieu ‘’link’’ Oudeville who has been team leader for some months has the chance of bringing his first team title to the squad, and wake up the sleeping giant.

In the grand final they once again face an undefeated opponent in MnM Gaming. A team that has now reached three grand finals in a row, but yet to win a title. It’s safe to say that Planetkey Dynamics face a highly motivated opponent, and there’s no room for errors.

‚Having the chance to prove that Planetkey Dynamics can be a successful team without ‘’Flow’’, and becoming the second team leader to bring a title home to Planetkey Dynamics is now at stake for ‘’link’’. How does he feel about his chances before the grand final?

Statement from Mathieu ‘’link’’ Oudeville
„It feels amazing to have gone this far in this tournament, beyond what we expected to achieve. We got some renewal into the team by recruiting 3 new players 2 months ago, because at first the purpose was to have an active team again. We succeeded in having an active and effective team, which lead us to the grand finals. I’m even more proud of my team and our semi final performance, and there’s one last step for the final victory. MnM team is looking very strong, and it will for sure be an intense match with a lot of pressure for both sides. But we are confident in ourselves, let’s try to take the win home and finish the 2018 year in the best possible manner.“

If you’re a fan of esport and like top game play, you would like to tune into the grand final this Sunday.
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